Fort Severn Polar Bear Cub Doing Well in Toronto

On Saturday March 1st an article appeared in the Toronto Star, telling of a 3 month old polar bear cub who had recently arrived at the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo, from Fort Severn. Soon after, I called the zoo and spoke with the veterinarian who was caring for him. At the time the little fellow was in quarantine to check his health and give him special care. A few weeks later he was introduced to the public visitors of the zoo.

A month later, in mid May I visited the zoo and saw him for myself. He has become quite a celebrity and a delight to both children and adults.

He is kept in a special area by himself as there are no other young bears and the zoo was concerned that the adult bears would kill the little one. He is gaining weight and is very active, entertaining everyone with his playful activities. He seems toenjoy all the attention of his visitors, especially children.

There is a sign outside his enclosure which shows a map of the Fort Severn area of northern Ontario, and a brief story of how this little cub came to arrive at The Toronto Zoo from this community. The pictures were taken in May. The cub would have been about five months old. The people of Fort Severn have made a welcomed contribution to the Toronto Zoo. Most children in southern Ontario would never get to see such a young polar bear cub.

Doug Wonnacott, RN (Hamilton ON)    See Photos

Relief Nurse, FNIB, Fort Severn

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