The information in this technology showcase was provided primarily by Fort Severn community members. Interviews with community members were conducted by researchers with the VideoCom research project ( working closely with project partner Keewaytinook Okimakinak ( In total, there were 59 interviews completed: 42 in 2010, and 17 in 2011. Those interviewed who consented to be named are: Allison Wanakamik, Bernadette Kabestra, Blanche Downey, George Kakekaspan, Jason Storkson, John Wabano, Kathleen Koostachin, Lyle Thomas, Mary Miles, and Matthew Kakekaspan.

We sincerely thank all of the community members who participated in this project - those who are named above, and those whose names do not appear but who will not be forgotten!

The VideoCom researchers would like to thank Chief Matthew Kakekaspan and the Fort Severn band council for the invitation to visit the community, and the community members interviewed for generously giving their time, information, and stories. Thanks also to community liaison persons Tommy Miles, Roseanne Miles, Lyle Thomas and Kathleen Koostachin for supporting the visits by researchers. Community intern Gerry Garland supported the research visits and took many of the photos in the slideshow.

Fort Severn community members and KO staff members who participated in the May 2011 Technology Showcase event in Fredericton to share their stories and experiences include: Chief Matthew Kakekaspan, Brian Walmark, Geordi Kakepetum, Brian Beaton, Lyle Thomas, Gibbet Stevens, Roseanne Miles, Angus Miles, Jesse Fiddler, Maybelline Matthews, Raymond Mason, John Wabano, and Cal Kenny. Fort Severn IT support staff person Lyle Thomas coordinated the Fort Severn participation for the May event. K-Net staff member Lyle Johnson provided the videoconference bridging services for the May 2011 event.

Many Keewaytinook Okimakinak staff members supported the production of this technology showcase. Cal Kenny, Multimedia Producer with K-Net, Keewaytinook Okimakinak, produced the technology showcase website. KORI staff members Franz Seibel and Brian Walmark supported the VideoCom visits to Fort Severn and provided video footage and photos. Brian Beaton of K-Net inspired and supported many of the activities leading up to the showcase. Heather Coulson of KOTM supported the VideoCom visits to Fort Severn and provided the story about home telehealth.

VideoCom staff Kerri Gibson and Susan O'Donnell conducted the interviews with community members, coded the transcripts, drafted the website content and organized the May 2011 showcase event. Tanya Wasacase supported the production of website materials. Mary Milliken coded transcripts and provided technical assistance. Thank you everyone! TĂȘniki! Meegwetch!

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