Our Land Use

Life on the land has always meant use of the fish and game resources to sustain resident families. Men remain at “hunter ready” during most of each day. Net fishing is always productive during certain times of the year.

Favourite locations include those upstream on the Weeshinagoo Siipi (Beaverstone River), and at Seh geh tah gun Siipi (meaning “river of the place where fish traps are built each year”), entering the Sachigo River from the south downstream of Weeshinagoo.

During the 2003 Elders’ Trip, Lucy and Elijah Stoney set their net regularly, starting with Lucy’s set just downstream of Dirty Knee Rapids at the group’s first campsite on the Weeshinagoo Siipi. Their nets, and those of Joe Crowe and Stanley Thomas, always supplied enough fish to satisfy the group. Men were always at the ready for large game as the work of the trip proceeded.

In the Weeshinagoo fishing video, Lucy Stoney demonstrates her skill at Dirty Knee Rapids..