Riverbank Graves

The distribution of our ancestors graves attest to our connection with the Weeshinagoo territory. On the banks of the Weeshinago Siipi (Beaverstone River) are located five graves, two of which (Beardy family infants) have begun to collapse with the riverbank. Remains of Anglican grave fences are evident.

Back from the bank edge are three graves adjacent to one another. There is the grave of an infant (Henry Bluecoat's daughter) in a small grave with a fence still standing. In the middle is Cornelius Thomas, year of death unknown after a drowning accident on the Pasquathai (Thorne) River. The last grave is that of Emily Crowe (mother of Elizabeth and Joe Crowe’s father's first wife).

These five riverbank graves were restored for identification during the 2003 Elders Trip.

Another grave is reported to be located several hundred metres in the bush away from the river at Weeshinagoo. Downstream, at the Seh geh tah gun Siipi (the river of the place where fishtraps were built every year), there are two graves - that of Saul Crowe (one the signatories of Treaty #9) and an unidentified person. Other graves are reported on Beaver Lake (near the height-of-land portage from the Weeshinagoo Siipi to the Beaver River).